A place to recuperate …

If there is indeed a heaven on earth, it has to be an idyllic weekend cabin, a place to escape, a place to journal about past and future adventures, somewhere wild and unique. The Adventure Journal  has them nicely listed. Such places bring with

them a bursting desire to explore and discover yet at the same time, bring peace and serenity. Certainly beats any kind of five-star luxury resort.

We stayed at La Fleur Bleue in the French Alps last summer and enjoyed self-made breakfasts under the tree’s, hills in the backyard for long runs and a log fire to accompany a few bottles of wine at sunset. These cabins are the perfect backdrop for spending time with loved ones.

For those living in Arabia, wouldn’t it be great to have such a place on our doorstep? A naturally built hut, simple and isolated, where you can escape to ad hoc? An element of survival is all part of the package as is a move away from digital distractions and a chance to chill in a hammock or work from a huge wooden table, one that gives you new ideas and splinters in equal measure. These Arabian cabin ideas always pop into my mind during my mountain escape brainstorming strategy sessions, away from our hectic fast-paced daily lives. I know I would do it more often if such places existed … even bringing up both crew and clients to share the passion. Who else fancies this idea? Let’s turn it into a collective project.

Closer to home, Dubai Marina now offers a great creative working space called Make. Leith and the team have done a fantastic job bringing together interesting people and an inspiring place to work. And now you can also work / play / browse / meet / powernap from your own Nike Running Club booth, the same table this very post was written on. As I look up, these are the words that stare back at me:

‘We withstand the heat … we run through sandstorms … when we want something we get it. When we think something, we do it. Even when people say it can’t be done. Especially when people say it can’t be done. Nine to five is for amateurs. We dedicate our lives to making our dreams happen. We are runners and we run this city.’

Go check out their place to read the full monty!