Canon 1Dx a la Flamenco

In my two weeks with the Canon 1Dx, the majority of shooting had so far been action and sports-oriented so I sent a quick email to the team at The Fridge to find out if they needed any portfolio shoots for their new musicians. They always have a steady flow of newcomers and the confirmed assignment quickly followed.

I’ve work with Amir in the past. He’s a great guitarist, now expanding his

portfolio with a flamenco dancer and second guitarist. We set-up base in the big warehouse at The Fridge, slowly at first, building up the studio lights where needed, whilst Amir got on with playing tunes.

From past experience, I could remember that he loves nothing more than playing in a nice, quiet corner. He’s not a front man entertainer. I wanted to create something that was going to bring his personality alive, pushing his hidden yet dynamic character. What triggered his open reaction was the arrival of his friend Alex. Their interactions resulted in great expression and laughter. Bingo.

The flamenco dancer stole the show … as ladies so often do. Adding dance and movement into the mix is always exciting … arms, dresses and legs flying all over the place. I often give dancers an area to express themselves freely. Moving out of that ‘box’ may result in an arm or a leg not making it in the viagra tablet weight frame but penning them in is no good for their creativity and freedom of movement so creating their own ‘creative zone’ is the best way forward. We added some gels to enhance the club feel.

It brought great added value to have some extra eyes on the set so having team members, Alide and Ibrahim at my side, certainly brought in an extra dimension.

Thanks to the team at The Fridge for spending time under their roof.