Canon 1Dx @ Engine

You gotta love personal work and I’m a big advocate of just getting out there and playing around with new ideas. Personal work gives my creativity free rein and with the lovely Canon 1Dx still to hand, I simply had to test the waters by shooting Queenax at Engine Health & Fitness,

Dubai’s latest health and fitness offering. My first introduction to Queenax was a few weeks ago when I did some advertising work at the club. It’s basically a fitness system that turns the space around you into a tool … it gave me a real feel of cage fighting but in reality, this dynamic studio facility allows you to hang, swing, stretch and strengthen using the ceiling, walls and floor around you.

I loved the setting and could immediately sense a strong shoot potential so I called the marketing team and proposed a barter deal … access to their Queenax with two of their best looking fitness instructors in

return for a few cool looking shots. The deal was struck which prompted my starting work on a mood board and resulted in a brilliant three hours with Linda and Jason, an ex-pro boxer. Jointly, we crafted some real art, energy and emotion.

Many thanks guys for the spirit you brought to the set.