NEOM Beach Games

Back in the magical Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Last visit to this country was in 2020 with the inaugural Dakar Rally and also a few years earlier with Khaled al Suwaidi’s epic run to Mekka. Saudi is going thru rapid changes. Specially in regards to opening doors to travellers. Every visit shows something new and

Rabo ClubSupport \\ Erben Wennemars

At the beginning of this year Erben Wennemars started in his new role as chairman of the Rabo ClubSupport program. Erben doesn’t need a big introduction … he’s an icon in the Dutch ice-skating world and lives & breathes sports culture.   We (NOC*NSF) designed a full year content plan starting with conversations between Erben

Possibly my best image of 2021

Jam-packed, sunbaked and victorious is probably the best way of describing the historical Formula1 race at Zandvoort in The Netherlands. Commissioned by Dutch Grand Prix I got to play racing cars for a weekend. With a sole focus on fans experience and how the Dutch celebrate in true orange fashion. The atmosphere was simply amazing

The Heroes of / De helden van…

In the heat of the Tokyo Paralympic Games we produced two short documentaries telling the story behind the athlete story. Who are those who contributed to their success? What happens when parents and family can’t watch the live games in Tokyo. Yeap … they get together and spread their support and love thru the atmosphere.

Barista Series

There seems to be this magical chemistry when coffee and sport find each other. They both contribute to stories. They are both a craft and require unique skills. In the world of sports you’ll find athletes and top athletes, the same with coffeemakers … with barista’s being at the top of their game. The same

My Saudi Dakar

On the first of January I find myself making an early departure from our family ski trip in the Austrain Alps. Leaving the snow behind, seeking a completely different adventure in the wilderness of Saudi Arabia. After 40 years of exploring Africa and South America the iconic Dakar Rally has embarked on a new chapter

The Woodmasters – Episode Stijn van Oss

What Stijn van Oss and I have in common is the infectious thirst for adventure. I ‘found’ Stijn on the SALT platform where he facilitates the spoon carving workshops and their festivals. Stijn is a Woodmaster in his own right. Carving cups, scoops and spoons from over 20 different types of wood using his Mora

The Woodmasters – episode Vershout

It all started by reading their book Vershout (or their English version The Forest Woodworker). I love how they describe their passion for wood and craftsmanship. Working with freshly felled trees, making useful things and working with real tools. Greenwood working is such a cool craft and a great reason to get outside again. And

Doing it together…

Here’s an open invitation for all dads (and mums)… How would you like to spend true quality time with your little ones… shared time in nature,  the change to experience a grand adventure and pass on some invaluable life skills? We all get sucked up by our day to day lives. In every short 24-hours,

PURE – Athletes series

I produced a series of 60 second clips for PURE Sports Nutrition to tell the stories of their sponsored athletes. As many of you know, I absolutely love working with athletes. They always have captivating stories to tell, they look amazing and fuelled by dedication and commitment, are a great source of inspiration to so

Mongolia – Treading on Bones

I landed a job in Mongolia over the summer to create an image library about dino bones. It all started with an out of the blue call from an old friend, Michelle, who’s with Infiniti Motors in Hong Kong. She asked if I was interested in supporting their media program and I was all ears. Gigs

Ten things I’ve learned from a decade of solopreneurship

Ten things I’ve learned from a decade of Freedom.  Twelve years ago, on a regular run of the mill day, I got up from my comfortable corporate cubicle in a swanky office tower and handed in my resignation letter. I’d had enough of paperwork and politics and was ready to trade in my suit for

What I learnt backpacking in the mid 90’s

Back in the mid 90’s, at the tender age of twenty, I left the comfort of our family home to travel around Australia for a year. It was possibly one of the best decisions I’ve ever made… and I’m so glad I got to do it pre-internet. Back then, travelling was so much more about

Waldorf Astoria Driving Experience

Over the last few years, I’ve had the great fortune of traveling around the world documenting the story behind the Waldorf Astoria Driving Experience. We’ve cruised through Rome, Paris, Dubai, Ras al Khaimah and Edinburgh. How did I land such an awesome gig? It was all thanks to a kind introduction via my friend Zantelle

Luxor – Hakawi film release

I’m super excited to release my latest short film. Titled Hakawi, it’s a destination film about the stunning city of Luxor, part of a bigger project I worked on for Canon end of last year. The Luxor project started with refreshing their image library but evolved into creating this beautiful short film using the Canon C300

Luxor – gear talk

Boys and their toys! For Luxor, we didn’t travel light. This is what we packed for a week long film and photography production. Pictured in this image is pretty much everything we used, apart from the DJI drone and Ronin stabilisation rig. FILMING We used the Canon C300 Mark 2 as our prime cinema camera.

Curiosity Film Series

This post marks a sort of personal milestone for me. Over the last year or so, I’ve been working on a film series named CURIOSITY. I’m not necessary new to motion work, but producing a consistent short film series brings a new tool to a filmmakers kit so I threw myself into the deep end

Humr An-Na’am Book

I love working on authentic local stories. A few years ago we crafted the story around Falcons of Arabia with an exclusive book, a photo exhibition tour and a bunch of talks. In recent months, I’ve shot a whole different beast … the Arab’s beloved camel. Last summer, I was approached by Aditi Kumar, an upcoming

250km through Patagonia

Why would I fly to the other side of the planet and run 250km through the mountains of Patagonia? Carrying all my supplies for a week. Sharing a tent with six others. No showers and cherishing freeze dried meals to get me through seven long days. That ‘why’ question will never cease! Actually, there’s a

Omantel Campaign

Fun and games in the heat of summer. It’s taken a while to recap this shoot but I felt it was worth sharing. We flew down to Muscat with the simple objective of shooting four hero frames for the new Omantel campaign. In line with the brief, we worked solely at sunrise and sunset, which