2012 Etisalat Cup Final

The local boys love their football so it was great to be standing on the pitch for this years Etisalat Cup final where two Dubai-based football teams, Al popular online pharmacy Shabab and Al Ahli, went up for the wins. I remember shooting the Presidents Cup a few years bac

k for the FIFA Club World Cup pitch book and the crowd just went crazy. Football clearly unites people. In a football team, players play together for a shared goal. In a fan club, fans rally behind their favorite team to provide moral support. It does bring people together.

What I love in the Middle East is that you can walk away from a great match and not have to worry about being beaten up. Instead you’re treated to a spectacle of ecstatic revellers who use their dressed up 4×4’s to drive

around town. By dressed up I mean spray painted, stickered and covered in graffiti artwork (workshops must love the repair work …)

With the European Cup just around the corner, I’d better brush up on my football jargon because there’ll be plenty more great matches on the horizon.