5th Abu Dhabi Triathlon

The fifth event saw me back shooting for the fifth time. Always a fantastic gig to work on. I just love the atmosphere when you have a huge combination of athletes, some newbies to the sport, some going hard for a new PB and some pro’s racing insanely fast to grab that podium finish. The finish line ends up having no shortage of huge sweaty hugs and tears… 2,400 personal and powerful stories within a few short hours.

Wouter Kingma Blog for Abu Dhabi Triathlon02

From a photography point of view, the mission is avoid shooting the same old content year on year. Going through this year’s imagery, I’m pleased to see that I managed a few new monster shots, pushing on creativity and… just capturing that right moment.

Wouter Kingma Blog for Abu Dhabi Triathlon01


Wouter Kingma Blog for Abu Dhabi Triathlon04 Wouter Kingma Blog for Abu Dhabi Triathlon03

That 3.15am alarm clock is a killer but as always, the experience and resulting content, makes it so worthwhile. Thanks to Abu Dhabi for an awesome sporting highlight.