Abu Dhabi Airport

Been commissioned to produce a selection of images for a new book about Abu Dhabi Aviation. A fun assignment as it will allow special access to the ‘other side’ of airport operation. Done similar jobs at Dubai airport where we ended up wondering around the new A380, inside the cockpit and upstairs in the control tower. This shoot was similar, once I got clearance at least. It took two trips to finally get the access pass. The first time I lost a full day, hanging around not for my pass but my camera’s passes…aahhh paperwork. Second visit was better and finally got to shoot my first frame at 10.33. I found the airport comfortably petit, but there’s a new bigger in the making of course.

I love my Canon kit but this time they gave me a scare. Few hours into the shoot I was reviewing my images on the LCD screen and noticed that the images looked really strange. Color was way off. Than suddenly the screen went white. Oops, auch. Shit. Couldn’t see anything anymore and still have a shooting list to complete. My backup camera was in the car but there was little time to run back and collect. There is little running if you have to go through five security gates… Pulled the battery out, replaced it with an other one, no success. Hoping it was only the LCD screen and not my camera that failed I decided to keep on shooting for a while. Only than I noticed how much I rely on LCD screen reviewing option. Shoot – review – adjust – shoot – review again – shoot – happy. Without the LCD screen it was like the old days, shoot and hope you got it right. To be on the safe side I bracketed the hell out of the images, used mixed exposures. Aperture or Shutter priority. After I guess and hour the LCD screen came up again, all back to normal. Was seriously relieved that all images were fine. Strange. My guess is that it’s been through the scanners to many times with the power accidentally left on. Better clues are welcome.

Lesson learned, don’t leave the back up body in the car. Just haul the extra weight with me all the time, no exception.

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For now, I’m looking to share the final book artwork.