Bentley GT Speed – The Drive

From my trusty old Land Rover Defender to the fastest road car Bentley has ever produced … from one marked world to another! Having a job where playing around with gorgeous cars is all part and parcel makes me pretty lucky.


This luxury set was handed over to me along with a sign-my-life-away disclaimer marked full of exclusions …no drifting, road rallies, speed tests and such like. The simple brief, however, asked only that I treat her gently and return her in one piece together with a CD full of grand imagery. ‘I’ll do my best’, I thought, hiding the broadest of smiles …

In many ways, the GT Speed exceeds my Defender; it has five times more horsepower resulting in tripling the Defender’s max speed. An easy comparison I know. The GT has 10 times more AC vents and certainly more leather in one headrest alone than in the whole of my Landy. It’s a different breed altogether.

So the million-dollar question viagra canada prescription … how fast did I push it? I’ll tell you that there was one big wtf moment when I was only halfway through the throttle yet the car was truly flying. Hell, it’s fast yet it handles so beautifully. I promis

e, I didn’t get anywhere near the max speed of 320 km/hr … I’ll leave that to the pro’s. One observation didn’t go unnoticed … that rich people must spend a whole lot of time at fuel stations … or their drivers if they’re super rich. Having said that, filling up my tank costs double that of the Bentley.


Which feature did I enjoy most? Oddly enough, the heated seats! Here I found myself, 5am, on a remote road in the middle of the desert. Outside, it was just 8c and I’m using my iPhone to calculate where the sun will come up (you gotta love the iPhone sun rise predictor app). We’d packed all the studio lights in the trunk and all else required, except for a cosy warm extra layer … so with another 15 minutes to kill, I tucked inside the Bentley and popped the heated seats on. Ahhh … it’s the simplest of things …

Bentley handed back and it was back to reality, cruising along through every mud pool I could find, parking on top of pavements and driving at

max speeds at every opportunity. Telling my buddies afterwards what I’d been driving for a few days was met with replies along the lines of, “What? You didn’t call me? What the ***?!?” Sorry boys. Another time!