Bentley GT Speed – The Photography Shoot

So here I am sitting in the back of a chauffeur driven Bentley, a Flying Spur to be precise, immersed in the world of the wealthy and surrounded by deep cheap real viagra england pile carpet, super soft leather and a massaging seat. There’s no shortage of space for my lengthy legs and my MacBook sits on my lap as I get on with some post editing and client calls. In the name of work, I occasionally look out the window to keep an eye out for dramatic backdrops.


“Say Henry,” aka Austin my pro driver, “can we catch up with the convoy please and take lead position. I’d love to take a few photographs here.” “Certainly Sir” he replies and puts his foot down in our 600bhp beast. Here we are doing a car shoot the British way, with true class. As Austin flies me to the front of the convoy, overtaking of the latest GT Continental models, I gear up to hang out of the window and shoot some dramatic driving shots of the gorgeous V8’s and Speed’s. All at insane high speeds but hey, we all need an adrenaline rush from time to time.



Before the summer, the GT V8’s brought me to the east coast. Now though, they’ve added another 120 bhp under the bonnet and added speed to the name. Gosh these babies move and I had my personal GT Speed experience not that long ago which I blogged about.




We covered the brief and delivered all that was expected yet we still had some time to shoot some additional imagery. These moments are like gold dust because they give me the chance to have a play and push the boundaries.

We returned to the circuit for a few extra laps. No brief, no guidelines. Instead, fast stunning cars with a bit of backlit flaring going on. Bentley has always been very conservative with their advertising artwork but perhaps these images will create a movement within the creative team. Who knows but surely it will attract the young and wild at heart …


My recommendation for my friend who can’t afford one either? Buy a pair of second hand Prada shoes, score a Vertu phone, borrow a posh jacket and walk into the Bentley showroom and enter the world of the elite. Do a bit of online research and pretend you are seriously, no I mean really seriously, interested in buying one but you’re not entirely convinced about the performance. Mention that you’re also looking at an Aston Martin. Set the stage and talk the guys into a test drive. Yes only for a few hours … then once you have the set of wheels, pass by the Porsche showroom and noticeably park in front and repeat the same sweet talk. You’re dressed up anyway so you might as well make the most out of the day.  Before you know it, your car park will be full of fancy cars …time then to invite your friends over for dinner and talk autos …

Thanks to the crew for a lovely few days!