Falcon project ongoing

I posted a few images from our falcon project on Facebook a while back. Work on this project continues full steam ahead and a couple of days ago, the client exhibited some of my first works for a selected group of VIP’s at Abu Dhabi’s Park Hyatt.

Wouter Kingma Blog - Falcon of Arabia Exhibition03

This project is still very much a work in progress. Getting into the ‘inner circle’ has proven to be a bigger task than the actual shooting and we’ve had all hands on deck just to secure access and permissions. The Abu Dhabi Tourism and Culture Authority is helping to open doors, which has got me into some private falcon stables as far out as Sweihan. If you can help us to open any other doors, please shout!


Posted here are a chosen few. My creative direction is very much about story telling, done in a candid and un-staged photographic style. The feedback I’ve received by UAE Nationals so far only confirms that this filters through in the imagery. The host of positive comments received to date can only be taken as a strong indication that I’ve reached a sweet spot.

Wouter Kingma Blog - Falcon of Arabia Exhibition01 Wouter Kingma Blog - Falcon of Arabia Exhibition02 Wouter Kingma Blog - Falcon of Arabia Exhibition04 Wouter Kingma Blog - Falcon of Arabia Exhibition05

I consider myself far from a falcon expert, but during the buildup to this project and with the research it has required, I’m certainly getting to know a thing or two about the ‘prince of all birds’. Cautious about that fact that I didn’t grow up around falcons, I have to be careful how to direct the falconers on set, avoiding asking them to do things they naturally wouldn’t.  I can direct a little but not change they way they deal with their birds. On a few occasions, Ive brought in studio lights to add a bit of punch to the imagery.

Working on this project has brought back many fond memories from the Footsteps of Thesiger expedition. During this 1,600km journey from Salalah, Oman to our capital, Abu Dhabi, we enjoyed so much heartfelt hospitality from local Bedu’s, giving us a wonderfully authentic insight into both Oman and the UAE. I’ve loved every moment of digging into this rich culture and heritage once more.

Stay tuned to the blog, where more content will flow as progress is made.