Energizing Oman – Book recap

I’m super stoked to be sharing the our latest book production, ‘Energizing Oman – celebrating 30 years of oil operation’. It was actually delivered to the client a couple of months ago but I’ve only now had the chance to sit down and recap. Below is a quick flick-though to give you an idea of what it’s

Falcons of Arabia – launched!

I always find it fascinating how business ticks along. Well over two years ago now, I received an email from sports marketing client, Professional Sports Group (PSG), asking whether I had any falcon images. I did as it happened and shared them with the group. It then went quiet for a while, as it sometime

DXB/AIR exhibition recap

What an amazing experience it was to see the initial hand sketches evolve into an amazing three months road show through Dubai. The feedback has been amazing and we even had the honour of HH Sheikh Mohammed paying a visit! If you didn’t get the chance to visit, do check out the video below which


I went for a run the other day and starting thinking about my ‘2014 Recap’ post. I’ve done one for the last five years; 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013. It’s a lot of work putting it together and I asked myself, ‘who actually reads it all?’ Obviously you… so far!’  So why send it out? I

Project Pause… The Empty Quarter

NOT ALL THOSE WHO WANDER ARE LOST…  The inspiration for Project Pause came at the tail end of 2013, during a flight on an assignment to Qatar. The magical views over Nakheel’s The World islands stirred my hunger to spend more time in isolation, away from distractions and a hectic schedule. It brought an abrupt

Our new brand

It’s been cooking for months behind the scenes so I’m super stoked to be starting a new year with the sharing of my new brand. Much has changed… an entire website rebuild alongside a new logo, blog and newsletter. We’ve also thrown some animated video into the mix. When I see WE, I’m 100% referring

DXB/AIR exhibition

We’re super stoked to announce our next photo exhibition with DXB/AIR kicking off on Sunday 11th October. When I finished up shooting out the helicopter for my book ‘Dubai Aerial Tour’, I knew then that the content I’d amassed would lead to a grand exhibition. And here it is! What’s on show? Thirty of my

Lone Survivor helps to refocus

I’ve just watched Lone Survivor on a flight to Amsterdam, an epic American war film, directed by Peter Berg. It was amazing. Based on a true story, the movie is simultaneously action packed, thrilling and touching. On the list of my 5CALLS is the desire to produce a book about the armed forces… to shed

Dubai Aerial Tour Book – launched

This book is about sharing visual stories of Dubai and celebrating the city from an aerial view. Dubai is truly unique, home to a distinctive heritage, culture and modernity and capturing these images proved to be a wonderful gig. I believe that coffee table books are all about striking the right balance. On the photography side, you want to find harmony from

Falcon project ongoing

I posted a few images from our falcon project on Facebook a while back. Work on this project continues full steam ahead and a couple of days ago, the client exhibited some of my first works for a selected group of VIP’s at Abu Dhabi’s Park Hyatt. This project is still very much a work

Fresh of the press – UAE Ministry book

Putting together the official 2009-2013 UAE Ministry Achievement book in only three months brought with it great challenge in terms of turnaround time. Commissioned by the UAE Federal Government of Cabinet Affairs, we’ve produced a solid 250 page hardcover book about the UAE government’s achievements over the last four years. . It has a fresh and modern looking

Get out there

I recently took a magical two days off and headed out to the mountains. As many may know, I’m a big fan of mountain days… spending quality time immersed in nature and soaking up fresh mountain air can surely only lead to great things! This trip was no different. To get me into an inspirational

Canon Trade Talks 1

I recently wrapped up a series of talks at the Sign & Graphics trade show in Dubai. It was great fun with lots of energy and a tip-top crowd. My talks was predominantly geared towards photographers and printing professionals… sharing real life experiences from the diverse productions and shoots we work on covering photography and

2013 – Recap of an awesome year

Each passing year seems to fly by more quickly and each seems to get better and better. Here’s a brief recap on how my 365 days in 2013 panned out… the stories, the highlights and the game changers. do your coursework online A big slice of my 2013 pie was car work. I’d say a good

Fresh off the press; ADAC’s Souvenir Book

My fourth and as it transpires, the last Abu Dhabi Adventure Challenge souvenir book is fresh of the press and ready to conjure up memories for all who played a part. Printed in limited edition, with a print run of only 300, the book is an up close and personal collage of memories for all