Mongolia – Treading on Bones

I landed a job in Mongolia over the summer to create an image library about dino bones. It all started with an out of the blue call from an old friend, Michelle, who’s with Infiniti Motors in Hong Kong. She asked if I was interested in supporting their media program and I was all ears. Gigs

Ten things I’ve learned from a decade of solopreneurship

Ten things I’ve learned from a decade of Freedom.  Twelve years ago, on a regular run of the mill day, I got up from my comfortable corporate cubicle in a swanky office tower and handed in my resignation letter. I’d had enough of paperwork and politics and was ready to trade in my suit for

250km through Patagonia

Why would I fly to the other side of the planet and run 250km through the mountains of Patagonia? Carrying all my supplies for a week. Sharing a tent with six others. No showers and cherishing freeze dried meals to get me through seven long days. That ‘why’ question will never cease! Actually, there’s a


Being surrounded by inspiring people brings immense value. Their positive energy rubs off on others, instilling passion and motivation. Eva Clarke is one of these people. She even has not one, but eleven, Guinness World Records to her name. I’ve been working on a short film about her passion. During an interview, she shared her fear of heights. Time to

Luxor – temple guards portraits

Shooting portraits of the guards at the Habu temple was an experience to be remembered. The expression on their faces was quite magical, full of charisma and telling of so many stories. Just seeing how engaged they are in what they do and their passion for the city of Luxor makes you want to capture them. I

London with Bolshoi Ballerina’s

It started with a comfy red eye flight into London Heathrow on BA business. I ditched my bags at the hotel, got changed and went running in downtown London. It was a chilly Sunday morning in the Financial district so felt like a real ghost town. It felt great to be back in a city I

Adventure Via Ferrata

It’s adventure time! An awesome Via Ferrata recently opened on the UAE’s highest mountain, Jebel Jais in Ras Al Khaimah. With the Hajar Mountains as your backdrop, you can now attach yourself to a steel cable and, under the watchful eye of the Absolute Adventure guides, you can spend hours exploring the rock and rushing down cool

Dubai photo live talk

Canon is giving away free seats at Dubai Photography Live classes this weekend. Click on the below link to sign up. I’ve got 3 lectures scheduled about ‘Seriously Visually Storytelling’ how I got to do this fun stuff called work. Will tune deeper into Adventure and Aerial photography and will tackle your questions.  It’s a pretty

Tips for working alongside a TVC

I recently worked alongside a couple of big TV productions, shooting the stills whilst the TV crew did their thing. There’s something great about big TV gigs. They run like clockwork, are so well orchestrated, have huge crews and days are spent shooting what will result in an, albeit awesome, 90 second commercial. It’s a

Under Armour Launch Campaign #2

Back for more launch content. The Under Armour campaign was based on a series of two images. One beach image with an iconic landmark setting, which we shot with Goes Grant on the Palm Jumeirah and for the second, I needed a location with a strong athletic feel so chose the Zayed Sports Stadium. The national

DXB/AIR exhibition

We’re super stoked to announce our next photo exhibition with DXB/AIR kicking off on Sunday 11th October. When I finished up shooting out the helicopter for my book ‘Dubai Aerial Tour’, I knew then that the content I’d amassed would lead to a grand exhibition. And here it is! What’s on show? Thirty of my

TED 2020 part II

The TED project picked up some real momentum early last year with a grand exhibition at Bastikia’s XVA Gallery. Of course, I had to pop down to see what the other artists had done with their own white teddy bears. I found it really inspiring. We all had the same starting point yet everyone unleashed their

1% for the Planet. Our efforts continue…

It is a little over a year ago that I signed up to 1% for the Planet. The idea was to give back some of our revenue to support causes dedicated to preserving the natural environment. 1% for the Planet is a brilliant initiative and one that lies close to my heart. It’s nature after

Desert Stinker

It was great to have a racing bib attached to my shirt again. Last year I photographed the inaugural Desert Stinker race, an awesome race formula, organized by our good friends at Urban Ultra. During the shoot, I remember asking myself why I was on the wrong side of the camera. I should have been

The five phone calls to receive in 2014

A new year is just around the corner so let’s think about this for a moment. Whilst some see this time as a chance to party, others see it as an empty sheet of paper… a twelve-month opportunity to create magic, an opportunity to write down the things you’d love to do, a combo of

Making magic with Maserati

We’ve recently had to brush up on our Italian whilst doing some work for a new client, luxury brand Maserati. When it comes to working with new clients, there’s always a bit of testing the waters to see where my style meets their brand direction. Although they left our brief pretty open, I still tend

Abu Dhabi Triathlon Ad’s Photography

The Abu Dhabi Triathlon was once again packed full with some of the world’s strongest athletes. I’ve been shooting this race since the inaugural event in 2009.  It’s always fun, full of energy and fairly unique in that some seriously big names rub shoulders with hundreds of local weekend warriors. In a little over eight

"Daddy, can I be a Ferrari Formula One driver?"

“Daddy, can I be a Formula One driver?” buy viagra with discount will be a question one of my little boys is going to ask sooner or later. I don’t wanna kill your dreams boy, but the reality if that you’re about double the height of an average F1 driver. It’s like being a jockey.

Running for a great cause

“Love to run, run and run.” Cath is one of the unsung heroes when it comes to ultra distance running. She’s run over a dozen 100 milers in different parts levitra cialis viagra price of the world and this summer, she’s gearing up for a second bash at a sub-30 hours Badwater, one of the

A foot journey of old Dubai

My life is centered round new Dubai, with its luxurious and fashionable expat family lifestyle. I’m certainly very content here … there isn’t a single reason not to be … but I’d love to explore my world like a 5 year old would experience a new city, absorbing the energy, soaking up the vibes, eyes

Dubai Lynx 2013 Photography

“Who sold that idea?”  These were the final words of Ian Haworth on day two of the Dubai Lynx Awards. There holds so much meaning in these four short words and they remain circling in my mind. One such meaning is the generation of ideas … creating and crafting them. Whether based on a brief or

What is the movement?

After a chilled sleep at the trendy W hotel in Doha, I made a point of getting up early to be first in the breakfast room at 6am. Walking through the lobby I eyed a book on display, perfect for a browse over breakfast and it turns out, some real inspiration thanks to the work

Oxy visit FOUR – Oman Photography

We’re wrapping up the final stages of the Oxy Oman coffee table book and hope to share our work once the embargo is lifted. Closing the gap on the photography required, I just returned from a mad dash around Oman trying to shoot all the executives within their own working environment.  Lot’s of portraits were

Gearing up for next Wadi Bih run

The only ultra run you will find in Arabia. The next Wadi Bih Run is coming up, with a beautiful 72km of pristine off-road trail running. A few solo running enthusiasts will join around 200 relay teams of five competing for the coveted title. Over the years, I’ve photographed it a few times (read my

Desert Stinker

Ready to break some sweat? How about a mad dash of soft sand running in and amongst some amazing desert dunes? Recently I witnessed the inaugural Desert Stinker desert run, shooting for my great friends at Urban Ultra who organised the race to raise funds for two amazing charities. It was a night run followed by

Bentley GT Speed – The Photography Shoot

So here I am sitting in the back of a chauffeur driven Bentley, a Flying Spur to be precise, immersed in the world of the wealthy and surrounded by deep cheap real viagra england pile carpet, super soft leather and a massaging seat. There’s no shortage of space for my lengthy legs and my MacBook

Bentley GT Speed – The Drive

From my trusty old Land Rover Defender to the fastest road car Bentley has ever produced … from one marked world to another! Having a job where playing around with gorgeous cars is all part and parcel makes me pretty lucky. This luxury set was handed over to me along with a sign-my-life-away disclaimer marked full

The 5% of Dubai that loves conservation

I recently spent a fantastic couple of days out at the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve experiencing the great research work being done by Biosphere Expeditions. Biosphere has brought in a crew of everyday people to help out on research of the Gordon’s Wildcat and Arabian Oryx. They’ve attracted an incredibly interesting crowd of people from

A place to recuperate …

If there is indeed a heaven on earth, it has to be an idyllic weekend cabin, a place to escape, a place to journal about past and future adventures, somewhere wild and unique. The Adventure Journal  has them nicely listed. Such places bring with cialis online pharmacy them a bursting desire to explore and discover

Canon 1Dx a la Flamenco

In my two weeks with the Canon 1Dx, the majority of shooting had so far been action and sports-oriented so I sent a quick email to the team at The Fridge to find out if they needed any portfolio shoots for their new musicians. They always have a steady flow of newcomers and the confirmed assignment