Journeys of Joy

Escaping Dubai’s Summer heat and embracing the cool, green, fresh … and sometimes wet and windy landscape of Europe is one of my many highlights of being self-employed. It’s my time to enjoy my family, catch up with loved ones and discover new places. Travel to me is a powerful magnet that draws me in and creates the perfect template to nurture creativity and innovative ideas.

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Journeys of Joy

And this Summer was no different. I joined dozens of other ‘working dads’ in Amsterdam to cycle the city with my 15-month old son, Koen, hooked to the steering

bar. I explored the works of Anton Corbijn, a Dutch photographer with a great following in NYC, at FOAM, a fantastic photo museum followed by immersing myself in their awesome book store; utopia for those who love with a passion for photo books. Predictably, this resulted in hauling an entire suitcase brimming with books and magazines back to Dubai … and only added to my current pile of reading material, making my great intentions to reduce the pile over the summer months, a distant memory.

I have returned fully recharged and ready to embrace the autumn, and hectic season ahead. I have been reminded of my long absence a number of times, not least when embarking outside with sunglasses on only to find my vision being reduced to a thick fog … but all said and done, nothing beats coming ‘home’.