Maserati Quattroporte S

Why do Maserati shoots always turn out to be sandier than hoped? We recently went out to shoot some local imagery for a number of regional car publications. The focus was very viagra jelly uk much on beauty driving shots in the UAE with a diverse mix of backdrops.

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You may remember my last Maserati shoot, when we found ourselves in the midst of a giant sandstorm near Bab Al Shams? Well, this time we were out towards the East Coast when we got hit with a total overdose of low flying sand. In all honesty though, it made the shot. We live in a desert after all so why ever not?

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The foreground movement and turning wheels were all shot in camera and not post production in Photoshop. The most original dynamic driving images are shot this way, where the show scene just blends together. I’ve seen enough examples where others have tried, and failed miserably, to mimic motion blur in Photoshop. Even big brands have been guilty in the past but in my opinion, it just looks awful. Granted I have to shoot thousands of extra frames to get the right mix between driving speed and shutter speed, but the extra work always pays off.