McLaren from dawn to dusk

Part two of 48hrs with McLaren. If part one was all about dynamic speed, part two was its static counterpart, involving countless beauty shots of the bespoke MP4-12C special opera

tion model. Yes we could drive it but at comfortable running speed.

To maximise our time with this gorgeous sports car, we started at the crack of dawn … 0430 on the Palm Jumeirah, Dubai’s iconic palm-shaped island. I spotted the location when out for a run … clearly my chosen where to purchase viagra sport has additional benefits over and above the obvious ones. In fact, the location had little to do with the Palm itself, chosen more for its backdrop of the Dubai Marina, which served to enhance Dubai as the shoot location.

Why such an early start, you may wonder? Trust me. It sucks when the alarm goes off but the images say it all … catching that sweet moment of great skies, urban lights and supplementary strobes to emphasise the star of the show make for a winning combination. The time frame to capture the moment is short but when it works, it is so worthwhile.

We took a similar approach to the shoot in Bahrain. Once we were done on the Palm, we loaded the McLaren back onto the transport truck and rushed off to the One and Only Royal Mirage, one of my favourite hotels in Dubai with its stunning architecture, glorious ambiance, effortless peace & tranquility and a team who go to great lengths to accommodate you.

During my last Nike post, I wrote about my awesome morning run in the desert and it being a great location to shoot. I did my red dress personal work here, Karin in her wedding dress and now I returned with McLaren. It’s a wonderful open space with a new tarmac road, dunes on either side and some well-placed power lines to add depth to the backdrop.

We were a bit hesitant to place my suction mounts on the special satin paint finish, allowing the camera to be attached to the car so I opted to run alongside instead, at a speed of 10km/hr. Why move at all you may ask? Answer: to create a strong sense of movement with just a hint of wheel turn and ground blur. Yes there is Photoshop, of course, but nothing beats the real thing. It’s just nice to add a few motion ones to the great static images.

Finally, 15 hours after we started on the Palm, we left the desert with an amazing set of images. This is a beautiful car indeed but what really makes the difference is working with an awesome team and this I had. Thanks everyone for the hard work throughout a long day!