McLaren goes for road dominance

Part one of 48hrs with McLaren. With 19 MP4-12’s, we created quite a scene on the road between Dubai and buy female viagra Abu Dhabi over the weekend. We left the exclusive Burj Khalifa square in a colourful convoy and headed out to Sheikh Zayed Road

with S.B.H, the Royal Auto Gallery of Sheikh Sultan, our ultimate destination.

I should in fact, say 19 McLaren’s and a Pajero, the latter containing my driver and I, trying in earnest to keep up. It was interesting to see what kind of scene we made. Roaring engines, testosterone levels at their peak, Emaar security freaking out and best of all, dozens of fellow drivers lowering their windows and filming our escapades on their iPhones and Blackberries as we cruised by. During our afternoon Dubai city tour, we had a police escort.We also ran into the police in the morning, but that’s a whole other story …

The auto gallery was amazing and while I’m not sure where it tops in terms of scale, this is one private collection nothing short of impressive. Normally closed to the general public, the McLaren crowd was granted open access on this occasion. Sheikh Sultan has a crazy set of old-timers as well as the likes of the latest Ferrari’s and Bugatti’s. It was mind-blowing, let me tell you … just a pity I can’t share the images.

Despite the limited control I had on the day, I’m pretty chuffed with the resulting images. These cars have a magnetic attraction to all who catch glimpse of them, drawing crowds in an instant. It is a stunning car, there’s no doubt about that.

Check out my previous McLaren post when we let loose on Bahrain’s International Grand Prix Circuit. Another dream shoot for a guy who loves his cars!