Personal Work – Red Dress

I’m excited the share the following images from my latest personal project. In collaboration with The Fridge Dubai we’ve been working on a set of daring images. I

’ve had this creative idea for a long time, which involved a convertible, standing model, wind and lots of fabric creating a sense of motion. So when the team at The Fridge had this gorgeous five meter red dress it all fell into place. Karin at Audi Middle East kindly made their new R8 Spider available.

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Our model Graciela was fantastic to work with, really talented in both modeling and performance as she also doubles as belly dancer and silk acrobat.

I brought in a Hasselblad H4D-50 and what a great machine to work with. Handles intuitive. The amount of detail is mind boggling, so crisp and revealing. The big file sizes slow the workflow down a bit and the batteries don’t last very long but the quality it produces definitely makes up for it.

The days working with the team have been brilliant, true creative colaboration. I’ve been really busy lately predominantly with corporate work, that this shoot was so refreshing with lots of new content that I can’t wait to add to my portfolio.