Announcement: Canon Middle East Brand Ambassador

I’m super stoked to break the news! This has been in the pipeline for a while, with a relationship that trails back to my first exhibited work in 2008. Canon was a great support of my exhibition and I’ve done a few trade show presentations and workshops for fellow photographers.


But now, I suppose it’s just a bit more official! I’ve taken on the exciting role of Canon Brand Ambassador for the Middle East region. Amongst a mix of deliverables, I’ll be feeding their social media channels with fresh content, throwing out crazy photography ideas, mishaps, large format printing experiences, creative injections and brain twisters… basically sharing what I do on a… daily basis.

In reality, it also means that I’ve just got half a million new friends… insane, given that this equates to fifty times the size of the little village I grew up in!

So many hands to shake, so many butts to kick and so much excitement to feed.

I feel ready as ever to take it all on!