Freedom Pizza Digested

Freedom Pizza (formally known as NKD) is a brand to watch out for. It’s an Canadian franchise brand introduced to the region by Ian Ohan, a driven entrepreneur overflowing with energy and ideas. Love spending time with him! He brings so much to the scene, is always on a positive energy high. You see this carry through in how they run their business and in all their activities.

Wouter Kingma Blog for NKD Pizza07

Over the coming weeks, NKD will be giving away a chaffy Charger, together with presenters at Dubai92 and the Autodrome… a chance to burn some rubber through branded pizza boxes. Before you know it, there are multiple players with multiple messages. With a brief that read… ‘please bring this all together in one image’, came time to get creative.

Granted, the concept grew organically. I met with the team for a site visit at the Autodrome. We cruised around, inside and out, till we landed at the pit garages of Dragan Racing. We boldly marched in and got the ball rolling with our theme and framing, creating this dynamic fun-filled, F1 tire change pit lane feel. Dragan Racing very kindly opened their doors and provided unconditional support. “Yeah sure, help yourselves,” they said. Super nice. Where do you find that these days?

What I wanted to avoid was five personalities just planted next to the car, hands in pockets or lined up in unison penguin-style. Executive style images have their place, sure, but not on this occasion. NKD stands for many things… raw, edgy, funky, energetic, different. The radio presenters all have their own personalities and the car is a steroid on wheels. So I played around with the props on site, shooting the first 100 frames as a warm-up. A chance to loosen the hair, strip back the racing overalls, throw in some pizza, play some tunes and get the flag waving. It all gelled. It all came together organically. Just as I like it.


We then moved to an empty garage to do some standard clean 360 shots for graphic placement. Nothing crazy. With the set-up in place I asked Monty, their new brand guy to step in, turned the studio heads towards the lens and created the top image. Wicked. This wasn’t on the brief exactly, but I like to play a bit on site, play a bit more in Photoshop and in doing so, hopefully land a great shot. Again, just as I like it.

Oh and guess what we had for lunch? Right, the healthiest pizza in town with locally grown organic veggies… Ancestral Blend crust delivered by a funky guy on a motorbike. I wish all my clients would serve such great nosh.