Omantel Campaign

Fun and games in the heat of summer. It’s taken a while to recap this shoot but I felt it was worth sharing. We flew down to Muscat with the simple objective of shooting four hero frames for the new Omantel campaign.

In line with the brief, we worked solely at sunrise and sunset, which was the smart thing to do anyway given the heat and insane humidity. The locations wanted were pretty straightforward, with either an urban or a mountain/desert feel. Anyone who’s been to Muscat will know that this meant no shortage of options. You can find iconic sand dunes slap bang in the middle of town.

The forth and final shot proved the real challenge. Two people rappelling down a waterfall or ‘Meet Non-Stop’ as the creative copy described. I had a pretty good reference image to go by, albeit one shot in the Alps. The location guys found a great spot deep into Wadi Tiwi, which had flowing water even in the height of summer. Our athletes, Ben and Anisa, were amazing and super skilled. Clean polished rocks don’t make great anchor points so it took some time to set up the ropes… no easy feat in 45+c heat and with the blaring sunlight shining through the gorge. Still, we made it happen!

I arrived in Salalah a few weeks later to shoot Audi’s new Q5 and as I walked out of the domestic airport, there I was faced with a giant image of the shot with Ben and Anisa. Last December too, driving around Oman’s interior for a Lexus shoot, I spotted my ‘Three boys – Meet Playful’ shot featuring on a massive billboard on top of a building. It will never cease to be a huge reward seeing my work in large format.