Summer 2014 – time travel standing still

Damn it was awesome … two months filled with loving family, energy, amazing friends, a green horizon, inspiration, trail runs and awesome conversations. It’s always a bold move to leave the business ticking over in idle mode for a while, moving at a slow pace and without the need to constantly download CF cards or haul heavy kit around. Clearly clients’ needs are still served to the max and communications are ongoing, but that all happens from a mountain lodge with grand views, a city train or under a tree with little birds singing.

Summer '14-1

It’s amazing to see our little boys grow and witness the characters they’re becoming. We had them trekking high up in the Alps and value the views. We raced them downhill, enjoying total freedom and accepting the bruises that came along the way. Our eldest must have caught at least hundred grass hoppers, of which unfortunately half got accidentally squeezed or dissembled. We visited amazing markets where

lush fruit and vegetables are freshly grown and hand picked on market morning. Nothing tastes better than seasonal fresh harvests.

I also loved seeing various friends gear towards the entrepreneurial route, stepping into the unknown and embarking on crazy plans. Witnessing my dear friends, Anne & Paulo getting married at the base of Mont Blanc was also a magical day. I wish them an amazing life together.

As with previous summer sabbaticals, we left with an ever stronger desire to own our own little cottage in the hills. A unique old property filled with stories, a place which we ‘borrow’ for a while and then pass on to others, who in turn will make their own memories. Turn it into a second home.  Make it look amazing. We have friends who are doing stunning work rebuilding old places, which only fuels our own ideas. When the time is right, I’m quite sure that we’ll take this route ourselves.


But despite how amazing life can be, we also witnessed how quickly life can turn sour. Instantly, brutally and unannounced. Within 24 short hours, an innocent visit to a GP resulted in hearing news no one wishes to hear. Life stood still for a moment, like a big DOT at the end of your name. Now a few months on and she’s on an amazing route to recovery, going through a battle only to exit as a stronger person. For me personally, it’s a reminder that we should live life at the fullest, every single day, starting yesterday. Being on a road you set yourself, doing the things you love, being surrounded by positive & loving people. Simple happiness. Grow along the way and live a life full of adventures. We’re only on the planet for a short period of time, yet it will be the longest time we’ll ever be here. Make it worthwhile.

Now back in the sandpit we call Dubai. Back to reality and a hectic schedule, exciting gigs, shooting a case study video and building a new office aka mountain lodge. I’ve also got an awesome exhibition scheduled for next month and I’m running the New York marathon in less than six weeks. So yes, full steam ahead!