REACH // Paul’s Climbing story

What a ride! I’ve been keen to produce a good allround climbing story for while. And when I reached out to my friend at BijzonderBuiten we found an instant match with Paul Brand. Thanks Igor for the connection.

Like any pro athlete, Paul makes his sport look so smooth and easy. Fluid body movements, powerful grip and balancing his Tenaya shoes on tiny edges. Both great to watch in the gym and on real rock. At the age of 17 he is part of the Dutch Climbing team and he has big dreams. I love his passion, singular focus and big ambition. Rock climbing is making its debut at the Tokyo Olympics and lets hope Paul makes it to Paris in 2024.

We’ve been planning a trip to the big Alps which would have been a super cool (and a much needed) gig. I’m longing fresh mountain air and big views… Instead we made in to Luxembourg which turned out a super alternative. Despite the terrible weather forecast (as in 90% rain) and hours hibernating in a tent we found a few dry patches to film. The wet patch kept all other climbers home which meant we had the full climbing area for ourselves and that proofed awesome. No que’s, clean lines and a carte blanch playground.

I’ve had my limited share of climbing adventures in the past. It has always been the lifestyle and adrenaline rush that keeps me coming back. My young boys are also keen climbers. Kids climb without any fear … their limitation to harder routes is not their skillset but reach, just too short to make the next hold. Yet keen to keep on going for it.

Despite being a little jealous I can see that Paul’s story is the living proof that with hard work, determination and (family) support big dreams are possible. I’ll be following your progress!