'Real Men Don't Shave' fresh of the press

I’m so happy to announce that our viagra low price first private label ebook ‘Real Men Don’t Shave’ is now available on iBookstore. After the resounding success of the Footsteps of Thesiger expedition, I’d been wanting to record my own experience about the photography side of the expedition. It’s at times been a bit manic but in between all other ongoing projects and the day-to-day shooting gigs, we’ve found the time to pull it off. Many thanks to Tori Leckie for putting the fab words together … we’ve spent hours talking about the expedition, going back and forth on scripts to really capture the unique encounters of this epic journey.


What prompted me to write an ebook? In short … it was such a fantastic gig to work on. Truly amazing! I’ve been living and working in the Middle East for over a decade but rarely had so many warm and personal encounters with both Omani’s and Emirati’s. Their hospitality was limitless and unconditional which made working on the expedition a truly memorable experience. What’s more, it would have been such a creative loss if all these amazing visuals were left to become digital dust.

Real-Men-Don't-Shave-ebook-12b Real-Men-Don't-Shave-ebook-20b

What will you get out of it? An amazing read with stunning images. Or stunning images with an amazing read. Whichever way you look at it, it will really satisfy those who are seeking an insight into the Arab culture or those with an interest in expedition photography. It contains countless stories not released until now …

Real-Men-Don't-Shave-ebook-52b Real-Men-Don't-Shave-ebook-27bAs for how we came up with the title ‘Real men don’t shave’? During the expedition, we had a sort of golden rule that we wouldn’t shave until the expedition was over. The ‘we’ refers to the real diehards, Adrian, Ghaffan and Saeed, the video crew, Alexis and Tim and myself. We all grew beards, long ones and for some even grey ones. Everyone we met during the expedition seemed to have a beard as they sort of go hand in hand with the Arab culture. The guy on the cover of the ebook has to be the best one. We met him during a reccie in the mountains whilst stranded in Salalah with horrific weather and a fierce hurricane at play. The normal dry riverbeds became raging floodgates. This guy just seemed to pop out of nowhere, armed with a big rifle slung over his shoulder. I got some shots with him and Adrian together but this portrait is my real favorite, a true RAW character. What’s his story I wonder? So, in short … lot’s of beards, hence the title!

Real-Men-Don't-Shave-ebook-59b Real-Men-Don't-Shave-ebook-57b

We’ve had a great time writing the book and hope you will do same reading it. We’d really appreciate your help in spreading the word. Right now, it’s available at iBookstore and after the summer, it will also be available through our own web store. It costs just US$ 14.95, which considering the amount of work creating it and all the unique content between the covers, is a real bargain.


Will it ever be printed as a physical book? We’d love that but it would only be feasible if a partner came on board to fund the printing and production costs.

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