Trailer release – Project Pause

In March I drove into the second biggest desert in the world to find a week of pure solitude. My drive behind Project Pause is all about promoting quality time in nature, without any to-do-list, no email, no social media and no phone. Opening up a conversation with the aim for others to find their own Project Pause and experience the value it has to offer.

This short trailer previews what the full 30min documentary film ‘Project Pause – The Empty Quarter’ is all about. It’s my first ever documentary film and to test the waters before putting it on the big screen, I’ve shared it with fellow creatives to be challenged on the content … and their feedback has been promising.

Project Pause started off as a personal journey to find more quality time out in the wilderness and away from the digital rat race. With the help of partners and friends I’ve now got a great film with a valuable message.

My dream is to encourage a greater audience seek a Project Pause of their own, inviting others to disconnect from their daily (digital) routine and spend quality time in the nature. It’s that simple. It’s so valuable.

Now, stay tuned to my Facebook which will receive launch details first (how ironic…).

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