The other viagra without prescription sales day at a Nike gig, I was introduced to a media crowd as an ultra distance runner. Thanks Tom Woolf at PTX … it does feel good that my Gobi March noise had some spin off. Flattery-aside however, it made me wonder how much longer I can mainta

in this running title when my runners are currently collecting dust. I’ve not run for a while. Do I miss it? Hell yeah. So, why don’t I get going?

I can train my butt off, rising at any odd hour of the day to go out for long training sessions and have done so for the 250km Gobi desert run and various other marathons and triathlons. But dedicating myself to a solid training plan only works if I have a daunting race on the horizon and only transpires if I’m 100% committed. I did register for the HK100 earlier this year, a rugged 100km run through the hills of Hong Kong but didn’t quite get my act together and pulled out. Clearly then, just registering for a race is not enough. I need it embedded in my mind, stuck in the body and only than will it all come together. It’s not an excuse but it is tough to find the time and dedication to train with a young family and a passion to grow my business. I guess this is a balancing act many of us struggle with.

So now with Kiki and the kids creating chaos in Europe and the business going into a summer slowdown, it’s time to hit the road. And having done so, looking the part with my new Nike kit, it feels awesome. It’s great to be back. It’s great to wake up with sore legs!


To motivate me further, I watched Running America last night. I purchased the 90-minute movie ages ago but have never got round to watching it. Two guys, Charlie Engle and Marshall Ulrich, ran from San Francisco to New York in 2008. They clocked up an impressive 52 days of non stop running, being on the road for 18 hours a day and covering an average of 60 miles, EVERY day. That’s a total distance of 116 marathons! Even if you’re not a runner you’ve gotta watch the movie. I love these words from Charlie early on in the movie to justify taking on such a challenge. He says, “It’s an attempt to remind people that if something seems impossible, it doesn’t mean you’re not supposed to give it a shot.”

Finally, I can’t wait to board the plane for Europe for many reasons. Quality time with my family and friends, lush greenery and fresh air, even a rain shower sounds appealing. And to go out and run … through the woods, up the mountains, exploring new cities … bring it on!