burning rubber

Just 48hrs with the hot McLaren 650s

This is what I call a true RAW automotive assignment and I loved it! Getting the client up at 4am, being the first one on top this new and deserted mountain road. We had reccied it in detail so to accommodate a tight schedule and chase the amazing light down the valley. The first shot is still my favourite frame of the day … cruising around a sharp bend as the first streaks of sun pop over the mountains. It all boils down to perfect placement, precision timing, hanging out of a car and adding a dynamic sense of motion with a wide open shutter. Good morning Ras al Khaimah!

Wouter Kingma Blog for McLaren S650 photo shoot 04


The gig ran smoothly with a mix of locations. We ended the first day on the beach at the Waldorf Astoria hotel. The car just about stuck to my plans. After a tight 20 point turn, the pro drivers managed to squeeze the car up the deck, neglecting a growing crowd of amused sun-bathing tourists. Sunsets always work. Throw in an awesome looking car with iconic features and it’s a joy to call yourself an artist at work.

Wouter Kingma Blog for McLaren S650 photo shoot 06

Wouter Kingma Blog for McLaren S650 photo shoot 07

Wouter Kingma Blog for McLaren S650 photo shoot 05

Wouter Kingma Blog for McLaren S650 photo shoot 03

Wouter Kingma Blog for McLaren S650 photo shoot 02

Wouter Kingma Blog for McLaren S650 photo shoot 01

We then plunged ourselves straight into the desert. When on the road, motion shots always work best. Car to car photography at decent speeds. Yet it’s a fine line of getting it right, seeking that perfect balance between precise sharpness and a backdrop that feeds energy. We added a couple of layers of ND filters and cruised at 1/20 sec, shooting handheld with a wide lens. Covered in sweat and dirt by the end, it was truly an awesome day out in the field!


Freedom Pizza Digested

Freedom Pizza (formally known as NKD) is a brand to watch out for. It’s an Canadian franchise brand introduced to the region by Ian Ohan, a driven entrepreneur overflowing with energy and ideas. Love spending time with him! He brings so much to the scene, is always on a positive energy high. You see this carry through in how they run their business and in all their activities.

Wouter Kingma Blog for NKD Pizza07

Over the coming weeks, NKD will be giving away a chaffy Charger, together with presenters at Dubai92 and the Autodrome… a chance to burn some rubber through branded pizza boxes. Before you know it, there are multiple players with multiple messages. With a brief that read… (more…)

Bentley GT V8 S and stunning Oman

When it comes to beautiful landscapes, Oman never fails to deliver. And similarly, when it comes to beauty on wheels, nor does the Bentley GT. We had three days to create a set of regional images for Bentley’s latest model, the 521 bhp Bentley GT V8 S, three days to work magic with this stunning car.

Wouter Kingma Blog for Bentley Oman 07

I’ve been commissioned by Bentley a number of times and it’s always proved to be sheer, exhilarating visual excitement. As it panned out, it was a pretty high performance gig, involving a fancy hotel, stunning road and these luxury wheels. I could get used to this… (more…)

Sharing the love for car photography (workshop)

In the years that lead up to my starting my own business, being involved in different training  workshops featured quite heavily in my life. I wrote various courses for Accor Academy and my time at the Land Rover / Jaguar regional office in Dubai had a 30% focus on training. ‘Dipped in Green’, in particular, developed into a memorable three days brand experience. To date, I still meet participants who refer to it with fond memories. At the end of last year, I also held a Canon photography workshop, and if all goes to plan, we’ll see more of them soon.


So when Motoring Middle East called to see if I was interested in running a car specific photography workshop, I jumped at the idea. I’m always keen to share and help others take it to the next level… and when it comes to car photography, I’m sure I have a few… (more…)

2013 – Recap of an awesome year

Each passing year seems to fly by more quickly and each seems to get better and better. Here’s a brief recap on how my 365 days in 2013 panned out… the stories, the highlights and the game changers.

A big slice of my 2013 pie was car work. I’d say a good third of my photography work is automotive related. I came to this realization when I visited the Dubai Motorshow last November and took this one picture. All the luxury brands came together and it dawned on me that I had recently worked for all of them. I hope to continue this trend and further extend our relationship over the years to come. It’s all about putting the Middle East on the map with… (more…)

Red Bull Car Park Drift Dubai

What an awesome night! Sixteen mad drivers drifting, shifting, burning rubber and revving their engines like you wouldn’t believe. Yes the Red Bull Car Park Drift Finals hit Dubai with a vengeance!


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Working for Red Bull is great fun and they always get the mix just right. The scene looked awesome with lots of energy, music and liquids to give you wings. They’re very strong on their brand marketing generic viagra online canada and the ever-enthusiastic crew are always a joy to work with. Every image tends to have one big logo, occasionally two which… (more…)