I’m a big advocate of creating your own creative space to work in… building an environment that inspires you, energises you and optimises your productivity, somewhere with a home for all your personal stuff with walls filled with doodles, art and inspiring messages.

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My previously workspace, where I turned a boring white square room into a really awesome log cabin, had set the pace. I love RAW  and the idea of re-using materials.

This time I took it up a notch by converting a second hand 20ft sea container into a studio | office | creative hub | temple | man cave… whatever you wanna call it. For me it’s heaven… the former Kawasaki aka KKTU709876  is wrapped in old scaffolding planks and customised with a huge window and two big French doors that stay open most of the year. Lots of natural light, lots of oxygen and no shortage of birds singing in the garden. I extended the patio with an outside work space for the cooler winter months. The inside has been kept as is, with a self built wooden work station, book cabinet, comfy chairs and all sorts of miscellaneous stuff I’ve collected on my travels.

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Post summer, when the AC gets put on silent, I hope to run the studio off the grid, powering it only by solar energy. I’ve been eying up some great products from Goal Zero. I already use their mobile Yeti400 on gigs and love their range of products.

I haven’t decided on the final name for this space yet. I’m loosely playing with Studio//73 but am open to ideas! Please shout if something comes to mind…Wouter Kingma Blog - Studio 73 post 10

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As with all my personal work, I hope to inspire others to step out the box and follow their dreams. If you need any contacts or advice, I’m more than happy to help. Nothing beats creating your own creative space and in the process, taking positive steps to help save our environment.



This is why I love car shoots

For some reason the bulk of my work entails the shooting of cars and in particular, luxurious and fast ones. So when a SUV brand got in touch about shooting their big car out in the big dunes, it felt like a nice addition to the mix. Any excuse to hit my favourite desert location… The Empty Quarter.

For this gig, we produced a short behind the scenes video of the two days we had the new Infiniti QX80… sharing why we get up at 4am, why it’s important to work with pros and why it’s always worthwhile going the extra mile to shoot in the second largest desert in the world. Yes, The Empty Quarter is a long drive from Dubai and requires some serious desert driving skills but with a great team it is very doable.

At the end of the day, the agency gives you a brand new, often pre-production, car which has a back to back media and launch schedule. The car, needless to say, needs to be returned in one piece! We did just this… along with a collection of stunning images.



Get out there

I recently took a magical two days off and headed out to the mountains. As many may know, I’m a big fan of mountain days… spending quality time immersed in nature and soaking up fresh mountain air can surely only lead to great things!


This trip was no different. To get me into an inspirational mood, I downloaded a podcast from The School of Greatness to listen to on the drive down. I can’t recommend listening to these podcasts enough. Thanks to Google maps and a bit of exploring, I found a new dirt track leading deep into a wadi or billabong as the Aussies would call it. As I drove deeper into the valley, the track got rougher and rougher and I was into (more…)