Time for recharge

A big reason to escape for a long hiatus over the summer is to return a more creative person. At least, that tends to have been a side effect over the years and for sure, the line between what I’d define as work and what as personal, becomes ever more faint.

Wouter-Kingma-Blog-for-sabaticalWhen I look back at previous summer sabbaticals La Douce France & Journeys of Joy, the main reason why I take them is because I can feel stuck otherwise … constantly drawn into the ongoing demands of running a business. There are other reasons, but that’s definitely the big reason and when I’m ‘out of office’, I have more freedom to explore in whatever direction I wish. So they’re definitely work-oriented breaks.

Travel helps to free the mind and break the routine. I can grab coffee in unusual places at odd times of the day, soak in inspiration at museums and galleries, meet great characters or grab a spot under the tree and spend time soaking up the sounds of street musicians doing their thing. I find that when I’m totally relaxed and off-guard, my creativity is at its best. For this very reason, I always carry a little notebook because I know too well by now, that if I don’t jot down order cialis canada my thoughts, I’ll forget them in an instant.

Last summer, I visited a lot of photo studios with hope of getting my own started here in Dubai. Perhaps the creation of our own little inspiration factory is the first step towards a bigger studio space. It’s certainly in the pipeline but I guess it’s just a matter of working out the best business model that makes sense yet remains unique and that little bid different. There’s enough copy/paste in the world already.

So for now, it’s time to log-off, jump on the plane and see where the process flows.  Have a great summer.