Uganda Status

Finally, I’m so happy to share the latest on the Uganda Charity many of you so generously supported as part of my previous Gobi March run. Yes, there have been a few delays but all for good reason. Charity entrepreneur, Anne Peterson, has been working hard with the local organisation to get their plans in place.

‘No plan; no cash’ was her motto and so together they worked on devising a clearly phased delivery plan. The first phase has now started with the foundations of a two-story library. Anne recently visited the project and these were her words, “I am thrilled with the progress that has been made to date. The kids are so full of energy and enthusiasm and it’s inspirational to see a community come together like this. The outcome of their futures really depends on education and this library will play an integral role in that.”

What I love about Anne is her steely determined to make it work. She puts in endless hours beyond her regular job and 100% of the donations go straight to where it needs to go, to the people in Uganda. There are no middlemen and no overheads. Anne, thank you. I’m so proud of you!

My efforts of running 250km through the Gobi Desert led to a grand total of US$ 7,155. Again many, many, many thanks. Funds have formally been handed over to the Anne and the team. And for viagra canada you to understand where your cash has been used; US$ 100 bought 50kg of nails. EUR 200 would cover 340 of the total 6,000 clay bricks. US$ 1,000 has paid for all the 250 bags of cement.

The Uganda library project will be delivered on a three-phase plan. Phase one is fully funded and work is underway but more cash is needed to complete the full build. If you are looking for a charity for your next fundraising efforts, please contact Anne and she’ll sort you out with all the information you need. Those who want to make a cash donation please do so by clicking on the below link. Every dollar, every euro, every penny and every dirham … it all makes a difference!

Images by Paolo Costa, thanks for sharing.


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