1% for the Planet. Our efforts continue…

It is a little over a year ago that I signed up to 1% for the Planet. The idea was to give back some of our revenue to support causes dedicated to preserving the natural environment. 1% for the Planet is a brilliant initiative and one that lies close to my heart. It’s nature after all, that fuels my creativity, enables me to reflect and brings me peace and clarity. In fact, most of my creative time is spent in the mountains as I’ve written about often in the past.


I chose to dedicate last years donation to Wadi Wurayah National Park and am doing so again, this year. Sitting on the east coast of the UAE, the park is a unique project in this part of the world, managed by Emirates Wildlife Society in association with… WWF. (EWS-WWF)

Wadi Wurayah became the UAE’s first mountain protected area in 2009. Since then, ground breaking conservation work has been done in protecting the area’s rich ecosystems. The wadi’s fragile and unique ecosystem is one of the few remaining catchments in the UAE and its protection has become essential for the survival of many of its rare species. A total of 1,350 species are known in the UAE, 30 of which have been found in Wadi Wurayah. A new vegetation study is also underway to gain a greater understanding of the plant species in the area. Regulations have been put in place to limit recreational activities and construction projects too and extensive efforts have been made to raise awareness about the significance of the area for the UAE’s natural heritage and bio diversity.

As the first company in the Middle East to support 1% for the Planet, Wouter Kingma Productions certainly broke new ground and we’re reaching out now to encourage other companies to follow suit. Donations go directly to the environmental cause of the individual or business’s choosing. Our decision to support EWS-WWF was after an introduction via a friend and on discovering their great work at Wadi Wurayah National Park, it just seemed the perfect match.

You see, nature is our future. Some say, we have as little as seven years to save our planet. We have an environmental crisis on our hands and it’s up to individuals, companies and communities to do their bit. I mean, every business is a polluter. We’re using our nonrenewable resources and therefore, giving back like this should be viewed as a sort of eco-tax. After working in the UAE for over ten years, it’s little wonder that we want to do our bit right here on our doorstep. Do you?

Together we can do more, way more! Together we can tackle the ever-increasing challenges of sustainability, to protect our ever-compromised environment, to preserve our eco-system. Conservation, sustainability and the need to be environmentally responsible – these concepts are all today’s buzz words. But the harsh reality is that they’re not fleeting trends to watch out for. We must do what we can do, before it’s too late.