2011 Recap

Where to start? I’ve been blessed with a fast forward-moving year full or awesome projects and an abundance of fun. 2011 has had its fair share of challenges too but I’ve lived to tell the tales, managed to pay the bills and expanded the business by hiring a business manager. Danya joining the team has given me a new perspective of the business. She’s enabled me to look at my own imagery with a fresh pair of eyes, brings valuable experience on the production side (hence the transition from WK Photography to WK Productions) and together, we’ve worked hard to fine tune our branding and communication strategy.

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An odd highlight perhaps, but I knew that I was very much alive and kicking when my insurance company increased my premium and changed the terms & conditions of my policy to exclude aerial photography and water damage. They had clearly been to my website and felt it appropriate to review the risk of such happening. My thanks go to AXA for acknowledging my sense of adventure!


On the topic of video, it’s not moved much. Despite my getting an amazing Canon Mk4, I’ve not flicked the video button once. Why? Because doing it is one thing but doing it right is altogether another and I guess I only like to do things with 100% dedication. Giving it my all. I do love the storytelling aspect of motion pictures though and can really see a crazy platform of ideas. Various personal projects sit bubbling away in my mind and as I said, I’ve got the hardware. 2012 perhaps?


2011 has seen a step up in public talks about the industry. A particular highlight was a presentation for Canon in which I shared my love for their large format printer and shared how it supports my business on both photography and book productions. A presentation video will feature on my blog when the video man, Mark, returns from his honeymoon.


A sharp injection of energy and creativity results from a nice long break and last summer was no exception after spending time cruising around Europe. Most of my time was spent immersed in nature with the odd pit stop amongst fantastic people in some pretty hot cities. All in all, it was a lovely two months spent soaking up ideas and working on something called BrownTreeHouse.

My power plant shoot in Saudi Arabia really stretched my creative box on industrial photography. The imagery that resulted even warranted it’s own web gallery on my site. My latest (and the last) Abu Dhabi Adventure Challenge Book rocks … without doubt, it is the most dynamic coffee table book we’re produced so far. And the adventures continued with my shooting the ‘Footsteps of Thesiger’ expedition. With over 25 days shooting, 6,000km of road travel and 30,687 RAW files, this was one hell of an expedition that will see a long aftermath running well into 2012. Two lady shoots stood out. The first with Mary Keitany, breaking the world record in February and then a personal project with the gorgeous Graciela and her five meter dress. I was super pleased with the results. Elie Afif used my image to feature on the cover of his new album ‘Giant Steps to Heaven’. Elie … love your tunes!

Last year also saw lots of car racing with the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and the Audi launches at Yas Marina Circuit. I just love hanging out of the back of cars.

So 2011 brought a great year of pictures. And a great year of stories with, I hope, plenty of entertaining reading on my blog. Admittedly, I remain terrible with social media but where do you find the time? My aim for 2012 will be to increase the traffic on both my website, my blog and, I guess, Facebook and Twitter.


2012 here we come!