A foot journey of old Dubai

My life is centered round new Dubai, with its luxurious and fashionable expat family lifestyle. I’m certainly very content here … there isn’t a single reason not to be … but I’d love to explore my world like a 5 year old would experience a new city, absorbing the energy, soaking up the vibes, eyes wide open.


I’ve been in Dubai nearly eleven years and would love to take on the old parts of town I call home. Yes I’ve been there on occasions, but normally on the fly, running behind my camera, completing the creek half marathon or with family on a wild tourist dash. I’ve viagra pfizer canada never experienced the old town at the pace it used to have 40 years ago.

So to quench this curiosity, I’m planning a mini adventure to explore and embrace old Dubai. I’ll be checking into a charismatic hotel near the Gold Souk and spending my days and nights walking the streets. I’ve found a map of Dubai and circled the area I want to discover.


I plan to just take the journey as it comes. I’ll bring a camera to capture any photo moments as they happen but photography aside, my journey will remain a success even if I walk away without a single image. A shooting list would just bring with it pressure to ‘get to work’. In my back pocket, I’ll also have a small notebook and a pencil, just in case I feel like writing the next Harry Potter…

I can’t wait!

Any ideas for locations, places to visit, unusual alleys or secret spots are welcome. It feels a bit like taking the Lonely Planet tour of Dubai although sadly, once somewhere hits the pages of a Lonely Planet, they can no longer be classified as off the beaten track. Still, it’s the shared mindset of unplanned travel that I want to embrace.


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