Desert Stinker

It was great to have a racing bib attached to my shirt again. Last year I photographed the inaugural Desert Stinker race, an awesome race formula, organized by our good friends at Urban Ultra. During the shoot, I remember asking myself why I was on the wrong side of the camera. I should have been running!

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So this year I did. 20k at night through the desert on a designated race route. It was fabulous… so invigorating! The darkness, the outdoors, the bouncing head torches, nearly being knocked over by three… gazelle’s… I so loved being out running again. The race was one of a series, so anyone interested should visit the Urban Ultra site. Have the balls to give it a try… guaranteed you’ll enjoy it!

With a crazy schedule, it’s always a stretch to find time to exercise, yet it’s so key to keep fit, specially in the line of photography work I do. Working with athletes and sports brands keeps me on my toes… and not so long ago, I earned the biggest medal ever by running 250k through the Gobi Desert. It’s one of my best accomplishments to date. 250k with a backpack in a seven-day, fully self-supported race. You should check out the series of posts I wrote at the time, about the race itself and the charity I supported in Uganda. Revisiting them myself certainly made me anticipate another…