M&M's; Mountains and Mindmaps

2012. Bring it on! I’ve just returned from an invigorating escape to the Hajar Mountains. After lacing up my red Salomon XT wings, I was all set for a solid 1.5 hour hike up the mountain towards a little ancient village. I packed light, taking only water, homemade sandwiches, my Stanley full of hot coffee and most importantly, my notepad. That’s all. No digital distractions. No noise.

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Why? Because there’s no better way to clear the mind and seek some solitude … give me a few color pens, the fresh mountain air and some awesome views … and ideas will undoubtedly follow. Creativity flows best when relaxed, away from to do lists and a laptop. I highly recommend it! I left the office with only two strategic thoughts; to wrap-up 2011 (see other post) and to create my part of our 2012 vision board.


Are we walking in the same direction?

Are we climbing the right mountain and spending the hours of our days as they should be?


I would relish a trip like this monthly but I’m lucky if it happens quarterly. All the same, I’ve returned brimming with energy and ideas.

If you fancy it yourself, I say go, go, go. A mountain can be replaced by a dune, a beach, a big tree or even a sailing boat out in a picturesque bay … anywhere that’s somewhere without distractions. See you out there?