NEOM Beach Games

Back in the magical Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Last visit to this country was in 2020 with the inaugural Dakar Rally and also a few years earlier with Khaled al Suwaidi’s epic run to Mekka.

Saudi is going thru rapid changes. Specially in regards to opening doors to travellers. Every visit shows something new and this time didn’t fall short. NEOM is their biggest development project located in the north western region and lives up to its name New Future. Online you can find their ambitious plans like The Line Project and Trojena. It goes way beyond my imagination and is new age pioneering. 

This working gig was all about the Neom Beach Games and building a strong image library around this exclusive international sport event. Including the Superleague Triathlon, FIBA 3×3 basketball, Beach Soccer Worldwide and Titan MTB race. All big stand-alone sport brands who bring in their international teams and pro athletes. I must admit I love gigs like this. It’s November/December with great weather, working in a spectacular landscape and capturing pro’s doing what they do best. What more would you need?  I can’t say it’s easy work but really nice for sure. What makes it so complex … are all the different stakeholders (local regulators, Neom, international race organizers, athletes, media agencies, etc). They are all treading new territory and jointly working towards a great end result but thinking within their own framework. And than there is me off course … asking for all the impossible, with special access and freedom to roam so I create my magic. But heh, it always works out in the end. Big thanks to the team at CSM for the opportunity and their support. 

In the below link you can find a selection of my personal highlights. 

What’s next? Stay curious… and Neom is all about that. Walking around their offices, chatting with the different employee’s and driving 1,000+ km’s within the area, I can feel the energy of the new. Yes it is overwhelmingly big and insanely ambitious yet it gives so much focus and direction. Everyone is moving forward. Everyone is gearing up for something that is never been done before. Neom brings together world’s smartest people and specialists and similar as important, Neom is a platform for local Saudi’s to excel. In a way I feel special to see the start of it all and I am excited to see how their future plans will roll out.  

I’m writing this post from a rainy and grey Holland. Two different worlds and not to compare. Agree the current weather really doesn’t help. I would wish that everyone (as in decision makers, entrepreneurs, creatives and influencers) could taste that same energy I felt roaming around Neom. And receive a boost to think bolder, go wilder and get insanely cool stuff done. So many are stuck in living on average, over-anyalising ideas and don’t dare to go beyond the norm. Do yourself a favor .. put on your naughty shoes (stoute schoenen) and create something that is meaningful and bold. And feel what is gives. You can only win!