Reflection time at 2550m

A wild Belgium wedding brought us back to Europe and to make most of the airmiles I extended my travels with a week French Alps. Staying with my great Cimarron friends and enjoying their warm hospitality.

Hot steamy summers in Dubai are ‘not pleasant’, but we make the best of it, despite the fact that everything happens indoors. Any excuse to travel during the summer is gladly excepted. So when on monday morning I opened the windows of my French room, taking in the early morning breeze and mountain views, I felt like I was in HEAVEN! A quick week with lot’s of time to play, went out white water kayaking which I haven’t done for years, daily feast of trail running, catching up buddies and having cafe au lait at ‘Bar Les Alpes’. Just an awesome destination…

Fun aside, I also left the office with a couple of big business questions I’ve been playing with for a while. Vision, growth and expansion. True hardcore stuff. In my normal working environment I don’t get around to give it the much needed attention. I’ve got a short attention span anyway and with phones ringing, emails popping in, endless follow-up listings there is just too much distractions.

Whilst in France I made it a point to spend time in the remote mountain hut ‘Refuge the Glacier Blanc’, far away from any kind of comm’s. It’s a solid 2 hours hike up the mountain with an elevation gain of about 1200 metres. Leaving at first light I was well awake by the time I got to the refuge. The scenery was part of the reason for visiting…plain AWESOME! 360 degrees of pure mountain rock, snow and ice. Luckily I have visited it many times before because during this visit I had to use my imagination, sleet and white-out conditions was the deal of the day. No distractions…focus at the issues on hand. Got lot’s done, scribbled 21 sheets of visionary notes, leaving with a stronger focus and most importantly had a proud feeling of the great people that surround me and making it possible to do what I enjoy doing most. Many thanks guys. I can highly recommend spending time in the great outdoors, doesn’t matter where. Fresh air, no communications, just let your imagination flow and put if on paper. Guaranteed great things will follow.

Talking vision AND delivery. On my way back I visited old time friends Vincent and Ilonka who after 4 years of hard work have build their own French ‘Gite’ – a full board mountain lodge. They got a piece of land and literally build it with their own hands. I’ve followed their development over the years and can still remember seeing the plot of land when it was grass land with cows. So inspiring to see how idea’s can turn into a business plan and most importantly turning idea’s into an actual finished product. Deep respect for pulling this off!! When you ever need a great place in the French Alps to hang out with friends check out their lodge:

Here’s a final powerful thought for you to take away ‘Life is short, so make sure that you are climbing the right mountain and spending the days in the way they should be spend.’

Till the next mountain visit

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