What is the movement?

After a chilled sleep at the trendy W hotel in Doha, I made a point of getting up early to be first in the breakfast room at 6am. Walking through the lobby I eyed a book on display, perfect for a browse over breakfast and it turns out, some real inspiration thanks to the work United Design has done around the world.


The stunning layout aside, I thought it a really nice summary, portraying 15 years of achievements. I loved the simply concept of thinking in reverse, sharing their story from ’08 back to ’94. Was the W Doha being the first project in the book just a coincidence, I wondered?

The book is all about their interior design work and they struck the perfect photography balance between ‘picture-perfect interior design’ imagery and more lifestyle-style shots like the opening at the Dolder Grand Hotel in Switzerland. In this region in particular, there are many that could learn from this approach to story-telling. For this very reason, I’ll have to request the United Designs co-founder Keith Hobbs send another copy to the Doha W. Sorry … I couldn’t resist!

Whilst flicking through the pages, I wrote just one question down on my placemat … “what is the movement?” I was thinking in terms of my way forward, 2012+10 so to speak. Instantly, my thoughts were pouring and I found myself jotting down lots and questions … the what’s, whys and where’s etc.

Looking at the questions alone seemed to conjure up more road-blocks than smooth journeys, gulps instead of wows!

I’m all about fast living and creating your world as you wish … plant seeds, let them grow and bloom then move on  … but the million-dollar question now is which direction to head in. Many years ago I came across this quote “Life is short, so make sure that you are climbing the right mountain and spending the days in the way they should be spend.” Very powerful. I say think it through then start running because dreams and schemes without actual action ain’t going anywhere. Just get moving, take a gamble at the u-turns and learn to adapt quickly. And never forget that in the process of finding your movement, being surrounded by great thinkers who share with and inspire you, is priceless.

I had an awesome meeting with Will Hutson from Carrot Creative the other week. He has great energy, relentless drive and an enthusiasm that I found rubbing off on me. I really hope they do well. When you need a big digital thinker, he and his strategy partner, Tom Bird, are the guys you wanna call.

So thanks to breakfast and this inspiring read. And to my client for booking me into the vibrant W. And lastly cheers to The Movement,

wherever it may take us.