Where Abu Dhabi adventure continues

For sure one of my annual highlights, the Abu Dhabi Adventure Challenge. It’s already the forth edition and pleased to be on board again shooting the content for my next coffee table book. So excited to be part of it.

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Shooting for the 4th year doesn’t make it much easier. Yes, I’ve got good grips on logistics and race format but the challenge is to keep on delivering new and fresh content. Doing your home work is key, translating alternative images from other industries and implement them into Adventure Racing.

Six exhausting adrenaline packed days, world best adventure athletes, endless shooting opportunities and creative freedom. A great mix that resulted in 19,879 RAW images. Yes, a crazy number especially as it edits down to only 80 favorites for the next book. This year I was joined by Paul Rosenquist who’s writing the text for the book, or better recording live comments out in the field. The format will be slightly different to previously years as the book will be ‘quotations’ based. An awesome quote linked to an image together on one page. Was really great working with Paul, he’s got a unique sense of humor and a life full of his own extreme adventures. Thanks for coping with my grumpiness… Looking forward to see our book coming together.

Looking forward to take a well deserved break.