What Stijn van Oss and I have in common is the infectious thirst for adventure. I ‘found’ Stijn on the SALT platform where he facilitates the spoon carving workshops and festivals. Stijn is a Woodmaster in his own right. Carving cups, scoops and spoons from over 20 different types of wood, dominantly featured in a massive display and among many of his paintings in his family living room. Working from his man-cave cabin it is every mans (and gals) dream place and chop and chip. He lives and breathes wood. And adventures … when he takes corporate’s and groups out into the wild for an all-round 24hrs experience.

The Woodmasters (De Houtmeesters) is a personal project where I collaborate with inspiring creatives who are as passionate about wood as about the artisan craft. Basically creating cool (wooden) things by hand. What’s their process? What drives them? Where do they work? It’s on ongoing short film series which over time will include violin builders, furniture builders, ship carpentry, etc. Stay tuned.

As you’ll see in Stijn’s episode there is a nice mix between wood carving magic and value of spending time outdoors. “The adventure can start straight from your front door.” as he describes it.

In current times when days seem centered around survival, screen time and what feels like staying as far away from human connections as possible. It is also the opportunity start a new conversation… When Stijn reached out to a bunch of his friends to join our film adventure, they all dropped their ‘in house’ obligations to have some playtime outside. I guess we’re all hungry for some real stories around a campfire, a night under the stars and fresh air.

We woke up on the morning of day two in fogged out conditions. Although a morning paddle wasn’t part of the original film script, it was an opportunity not to be missed. With the kayak quickly loaded and the camera gear assembled we quickly kicked into gear. These opportunities are the icing on the cake and make an awesome extra’s to the film.

After 20 years of expat life and international productions it’s nice to focus new projects on home turf. Our State Forest Department in The Netherlands has wonderful areas and campgrounds that give a real sense of forest experience. For this episode we filmed at the stunning Kuinderbos in Friesland and I’m so much looking forward to explore new places like these.

Enjoy the Woodmaster film series. Share the links with friends where you see a good fit. And join the movement of more time outdoors.  See you out there.