Canon 1Dx captures P&G beauty

I recently did some behind the scene shots with P&G’s beauty brand ambassadors Pat McGrath, Eugene

Souleiman and Josh Wood. I’m always open to exploring new themes.


I’ve stepped in and out of fashion and beauty work female viagra australia in the past with shoots like Graciella and the occasional fashion show and it would be fair to say that I’d never shy away from a big campaign shoot by the likes of G-star RAW or Diesel … I guess that would require a move to New York or London though. Now that would be a bold move but change, change is a good thing. It’s important to keep the horizon moving.

I recently had a look at some inspiring P&G work Nick Knight did with Gwyneth Paltrow … check it out yourself as it’s amazing. It’s great to be inspired by the work of others.

The Canon 1Dx performance…as one would expect. Pullling out my Canon 400m telelens at the end catwalk did the trick for the nice and tight close ups.