Canon 1Dx shoots 1199cc Ducati's

Following my shooting the Nike Night Run, I found myself at Yas Marina Circuit, just two weeks after it hosted the ionic Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. I’ve worked at Yas Circuit often … on the ground and in the air … but this was the first time with Ducati Motorbikes, or as some would say Ferrari’s on two wheels. Their latest 1199 Panigale was the star of the show and saw a group of their pro drivers taking it to some serious speeds.

I shot during the transition from day to night, grabbing some of that sweet end of day light and then moving onto more photo-challenging terrain as ambient light dips. Having said that, the floodlights at Yas could well be the best in the world. Even by night, I managed to maintain a super fast shutter speed of 1/640 sec.

The shoot ran smoothly leaving me with a really nice mix of imagery, ranging from fast frozen action shots to motion and panning. We wrapped up with a super wide scenic shot to portray where we’d been playing.

In the ideal world, I would have loved to get flat down onto the track, nice and close, straight into the action. I would have loved to direct more of the shoot but I had very little control this time. I shot the big launch for the new Audi A6 a while back where I found a great spot in the trunk of their TT … the perfect location to shoot the A6’s whizzing

past the Yas Hotel at great speed … nothing beats a bit of an adrenaline rush.

Again, the 1Dx proved a viagra levitra cialis killer machine. These bikes where cornering at insanely high speeds so 12 frames per second is what your need to capture that one fine shot. The internal processor buffers are rocket fast. The bulk of work was shot using my favorite 400mm f2,8 telelens, a real workhorse for this kind of shoot. When standing under the famous Yas Hotel, I hooked on a 15mm fisheye lens to get an ultra wide shot of the hotel and the riders. Working with the 1Dx and its full frame sensor allowed me to get this massive wide distortion. As for the angle … I don’t think it’s been shot like this before. I managed to exclude the fence by climbing on top of the marshalls booth, balancing on the side-walls. Anything for a great angle …

All in all this was a great gig. Big thanks to John and the team for getting me around the course.


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